Rain Collection

As more and more of us take personal responsibility for our environmental impact many people are looking at their landscape for opportunities to minimize their chemical and municipal water use. Typical Americans use 20-40% of their total water consumption irrigating their landscape. With 37 states expecting water shortages by 2012 even with out a drought it is imperative each of us conserve water when and where we can. A rain catchment system can reduce a tremendous amount of a household’s use of municipal supplies of water. Considering the electricity required to purify and pump water though the system and the fluoride and chlorine used, rain collection can be a cost effective way to make a private landscape beneficial to the over all environment.

More Rain Collection Information

Rain Harvesting
"Consider this: If just 15 percent of residential landscapes in the United States were irrigated with rainwater, more than 1 billion gallons of water could be conserved daily, according to the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association..." More

Rain Collection Makes a Difference

"Water vessels are a fantastic way of collecting small quantities of rain for use in household gardens. However, to totally harvest the benefits of the large quantities of rain that runs off your roof during a storm, a expertly designed rainwater collection system needs to be considered..." More