Rain Pros' Annual Maintenance Services in Puget Sound

Rain Pros strives to ensure every homeowner in the Puget Sound area has the drainage and sprinkler systems needed to protect and beautify their homes. Though these may not be the first systems you consider when thinking of what goes into your home's upkeep, they're as vital to your house's longevity as electricity and plumbing.

And just like electricity and plumbing, sometimes they need maintenance. It's best to inspect your sprinklers and drains at least once a year to check for any major concerns, but when possible, inspect them with every change of the seasons. Rain Pros can take this step out of your hands with our annual maintenance services.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Because sprinkler systems can hold water in their lines for a long time, fluctuating temperatures can make a big difference in their functionality. That's why our annual sprinkler maintenance services cover:

  • Spring start-up: After not using your sprinklers throughout the winter, it's a good idea to have them checked for any cold-weather damage and clear away debris accumulation before firing them up again. We'll make sure your system is ready to keep up with you through the peak of the gardening season.
  • Summer tune-up: As the weather heats up, we can stop by your property and ensure your system is working as efficiently as possible and covering every part of your lawn.
  • Winterization: When temperatures drop below freezing, any water in your sprinkler lines can freeze, expanding and causing cracks or other damage. Winterization of your system involves expelling any excess water from the lines and shutting the system down over winter.

Drain Maintenance

As long as your drain doesn't take in any major debris and the weather isn't particularly intense, it requires slightly less regular maintenance than your sprinkler system. An annual maintenance check for any areas needing repair or replacement is usually adequate. However, if you experience a large storm or notice your system isn't as efficient as usual, call our experts right away for a consultation.

Why Is Annual Maintenance Important?

Scheduling annual maintenance ensures a professional explores your sprinklers and drains and can spot minor problems before they develop into something larger — and in all likelihood, more costly to fix.

Why Plan Annual Maintenance With Rain Pros?

At Rain Pros, our goal is simple — to offer Puget Sound's best quality and most affordable installation, inspection, and repair services for drains and sprinklers. It's all we've done since we started in 2006, and we're constantly looking to improve our expertise and offer you even better service.

Our experts keep professional, industry-leading equipment on hand so we're ready to tackle any concerns that may arise during our maintenance checks. All of our installations come with a 5-year to a lifetime warranty. Our annual services and repairs come with a 30-day warranty to give you time to confirm the systems are running optimally, so you can feel confident in our work from the first time you hire us.

Add Us to Your Schedule Today

Keep your home running exactly how it should by scheduling regular drain and sprinkler maintenance with Rain Pros. You can contact us whenever you're ready for your next appointment, or invest in our annual plan and let us take care of the rest.