Crawl Space Waterproofing in Puget Sound

Crawl spaces can be damp and dark — the perfect space for contaminants like mold and pests like rodents to thrive. These situations can compromise HVAC system integrity, air quality, and other home mechanical components. If left unresolved, the excess moisture can lead to uneven settling of the foundation or piers holding up the floor. To address these issues before they become serious — and to prevent them from happening again — waterproof your crawl space with Rain Pros.

What Is Crawl Space Waterproofing?

Crawl space waterproofing can be achieved internally or externally. Internally, a channel drain and a vapor barrier provide a path for the water to leave the crawlspace and prevent the accumulation of puddles and increased humidity. External solutions waterproof the outside of the foundation and combined with a footing drain provide a path to lead the water away. Waterproofing your crawl space can save you hundreds to many thousands of dollars by avoiding further crawl space repair costs, improving electricity efficiency, and preventing water damage.

Why Might There Be Water In Your Crawl Space?

Water can find its way into your crawl space for various reasons, including cracks and improper outside drainage. Any of the following could be a sign to consider waterproofing repairs:

  • Standing water: Puddles in your crawl space could indicate poor drainage or structural integrity. This problem should be fixed right away.
  • Wall discoloration: Whether or not your crawl space walls are painted, wall discoloration can show the presence of water — currently and previously. Look for light and dark spots and yellowing of the paint for moisture intrusion.
  • Mold and wood rot: This is a huge sign of a significant water problem. Keep an eye out for mold growth and wood rot fungus, as high humidity, leaks or dew point issues can cause it.
  • Condensation: If your crawl space has high humidity levels, you will notice a layer of condensation on metal ducts, HVAC lines, wood, or plumbing.
  • Crawl space pests: You may have several pests living in your crawl space, which is never a fun experience. Bugs, termites, and spiders are all indicators of a damp environment.
  • Water table: The dense layers of soil at the base of your foundation can prevent the external rainwater from properly soaking into the soil. The resulting accumulation of water shows up initially as a puddle, but can completely flood the crawlspace in extreme situations.

What Are Crawl Space Waterproofing Repairs?

Like basements, crawl space waterproofing can be done internally and externally.

Interior Drainage

Fix water leaks and other problems from inside the crawl space. You can do this by installing a:

  • Sump pump: A sump pump removes water that has accumulated in your crawl space. It does this through a drainage system that leads outdoors.
  • Channel drain: A channel drain is dug along the edge of your crawl space. The trench is filled with gravel and perforated pipe to allow any water to run freely and empty away from your home.
  • Dehumidifier or fans: In especially humid crawl spaces, install a dehumidifier to reduce condensation.

Exterior Drainage

Exterior waterproofing systems can stop water at the root before it accumulates around your home. Choose from several exterior drainage options, including:

  • Foundation drains: A foundation drain is a strong defense against water intrusion. It's installed underground along the outside edge of your home.
  • French drains: Effectively eliminate pooling near your home or groundwater in your basement with french drains.
  • Downspout drains: A downspout drain can catch and divert excessive rainfall away from the foundation.

Rain Pros Is Your Expert in Waterproofing

Rain Pros is a developer of rain collection solutions to ensure a protected crawl space. If you would like more information on our waterproofing contractor services, please contact us today.