What Is A Downspout Drainage System?

A properly installed and well-maintained downspout drainage system is one of your home's best defenses against landscape, basement, crawlspace, and foundation damage. Also known as a waterspout, drainpipe, downpipe, or leader, this vital home attachment guides runoff water and sometimes debris away from your home, preventing moisture buildup and its consequential damages.

At Rain Pros, we're experts in making sure the weather outside doesn't affect your home's integrity. When storm season hits, that means ensuring your drainage system is ready to handle everything inclement weather might bring. We take care of drain installation, maintenance checks, and clearing of clogged downspouts alike.

How Does a Downspout Drainage System Work?

Downspout drains collect roof runoff and deposit it away from your home's foundation. They're usually installed on one of the home's corners — so if you've ever seen a pipe running vertically down the side of a house, apartment, or commercial building, you've likely seen the location where your underground downspout drainage system begins!

During a storm, the water lands on your roof and slides down into a gutter attached to the roof's lowest sides. The gutter directs runoff into the downspout, which carries it to the ground or sometimes even underground. From there, the water will travel to a drainage area away from your home's base, such as the street-based storm water drainage system, a sewer, sump pump, or even a garden.

Why Should You Install a Downspout Drain?

Without a downspout, the water from your roof would fall off the sides and deposit at the base of your home. Over time or during particularly strong storms, the water can seep through your walls and foundation, flooding your basement and weakening structural integrity. A simple downspout will protect your home and everything in it, keeping you from dealing with significant damage and repair costs later on.

Why Should Rain Pros Install Your Downspout Drain?

Since 2006, Rain Pros has been Puget Sound's choice for drain installations and sprinkler repairs. We spend our time staying up to date on industry trends and putting our knowledge into action by working with properties like yours. We've established a stellar reputation through our:

  • Professional rankings: Aside from our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, we've gained an average rating of 4.8 stars from our clients. Plus, we maintain several certifications thanks to our installation know-how and dedicated repair work.
  • Expert equipment: We keep tools on hand to free every clogged downspout and scout out any underground drain. From our high-tech locating equipment to our high-pressure jetters, you can rest assured that a call to us is the hardest part of your job.
  • Lifetime commitment: Our drain installations come with a lifetime warranty. Once you work with us, we'll be by your side to repair and maintain your drains anytime.

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