Sump Pump Installation Services in Washington State

Sump pumps keep your home exactly the way you like it — dry. During storms or flooding seasons, moisture can easily seep into your basement from the ground surrounding it, compromising your foundation's integrity and leaving you with a big mess to deal with. Sump pumps prevent this by pumping any water that gets into the sump basin in your basement and transporting it somewhere else — usually a dry well, your downspout system, a neighborhood storm water drainage system, or a natural body of water.

How Does a Sump Pump Work?

Many homes have a sump basin, which is a pit carved into the basement floor. It allows any water that gets into the home to drain to one central location. A sump pump is then placed in or near the basin so it can siphon water away from the property.

During storms and inclement weather situations, the water level in your sump basin rises. Once it reaches a certain point, the pump will detect it and turn on automatically, keeping the rest of your home from flooding.

There are many types of sump pumps, including:

  • Submersible: These sit directly in the sump basin to save space.
  • Pedestal: Pedestal pumps have a motor that sits above the basin. They're a bit less powerful than most pump types.
  • Water-powered: These pumps use an alternative power source — water pressure. If your city has good water pressure, this can keep your pump running during a power outage.
  • Battery backup: Battery backups are for emergency use if the power goes out and your regular pump can't do its job.
  • Combination: Combination pumps are ready for anything. They run on electricity but have a battery backup built in.

Why Do You Need a Sump Pump?

Sump pumps are crucial to your home's longevity. The effects of even one basement flood can be long-lasting, even if you take care of it immediately. Having a sump pump reduces the likelihood of your home growing mold and keeps the foundation strong by preventing water damage.

Why Call Rain Pros for Sump Pump Inspection and Installation?

Caring for such an important part of your home's functions should be managed by professionals, and Rain Pros is happy to lend a hand for all your sump pump needs. We've installed sump pumps all over Puget Sound and inspected and repaired even more since our inception, gaining new knowledge with every job.

Whatever your concern, we come prepared with our industry-leading equipment to repair even the most uncommon issues, and each installation we complete comes with a comprehensive warranty. We'll help you take care of your home so you can spend more time appreciating it.

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