Foundation Drain Repair and Installation in Puget Sound

What Are Foundation Drains?

The name “foundation drain” is quite self-explanatory — this drain is set up to protect your home's foundation. If your basement, crawlspace, or any area of your home's underground is prone to flooding, this is the type of drainage you need.

At Rain Pros, our specialty is all areas of sprinkler and drain installation, repair, and maintenance. Any time an excess (or lack of) water is affecting your home, lawn, and life, our professionals will come to you, evaluate your situation and develop the ideal solution. Whether you need a one-time installation or regular care for your property's outdoor water systems, our services will cover it all.

When Should You Install a Foundation Drain?

Foundation drains are an excellent addition to any drainage system. As another level of protection for your home, this drain can save you lots of stress and even more money when it collects groundwater from the next major storm, guiding it away from your foundation instead of letting it seep in and flood your basement.

If you've experienced any of these situations in your residence, it may be worth calling Rain Pros to see what we can do for your home's future:

  • Flooded basements
  • Excessive moisture on your walls and floor
  • An inadequate existing draining system

How Do Foundation Drains Work?

When foundation drains are installed during the home construction process, they usually run under the house's foundation. However, our post-construction installations run directly adjacent to the bottom of the foundation. During storms or floods or any other time, there's an abundance of groundwater, the foundation pipes provide space to draw moisture away from your home and into a sump pump or storm sewer, depending on which it's connected to.

Before we install your drainage system, we'll examine your foundation closely for any obvious cracks. Where necessary, we'll inject them with a strong epoxy additive to strengthen and heal them before moving further. Then, with our knowledge of the latest industry standards and building code requirements, we'll get to work on saving your home from floods and further damage for years to come.

Why Choose Rain Pros for Foundation Drain Repair and Installation?

When you choose Rain Pros for your foundation drain installation, you can rest assured we'll go above and beyond everything you need. Our experts take foundation drain repair and installation seriously. We keep specialized equipment on hand during every appointment, like mechanical snakes, high-pressure jetters, and color inspection cameras, so we can see clearly every part of your system.

Once we install or repair your system, you have the option of getting lifetime warranty coverage on our work. If anything else ever goes awry, we'll be there to fix it so you can enjoy your home the way you were meant to — stress-free.

Learn More About Foundation Drainage Today

When your foundation could use some backup against water intrusions, Rain Pros is ready to oblige. Discover everything included in our foundation drainage services when you contact our sales team today. We'll answer all your questions and schedule you for an appointment right away.