Services We Offer

Services We Offer

Maintenance and Service Available for All Projects

French Drains

French Drains can be an effective way to eliminate excessively soft soil or pooling water around your landscape. An additional advantage of good landscape drainage can be to limit the total amount of ground water near your foundation or basement. Proper installation by Rain Pros will keep you from experiencing any unsightly settling or “brown striping” in your lawn.

Sprinkler Systems

Water management is critical to maintaining a healthy, beautiful landscape. We have continued to perfect our sprinkler design and installation practices, bringing the best of industry standards and manufactures recommendations together to provide cutting edge sprinklers at reasonable prices. At Rain Pros we customize the sprinkler design to fit your priorities. Standard to all of our installations are WiFi weather predictive "smart" sprinkler controllers with remote access technology for minimized future maintenance expenses and greater security. A well maintained sprinkler system designed to conserve can cut your water needs as much as forty percent over past inefficient designs or manual watering.

Downspout Drains

Downspout Drains are often the first place to look when addressing drainage problems. Disconnected, crushed or blocked drains can be diverting water into your yard or worse; depositing it at the base of your foundation. Rain Pros uses color drain cameras and snakes to view the inside of your existing drainage system to ensure it is working properly. If problems exist we can use our locating equipment to determine the location of the problem to limit the excavation necessary to bring the drain back to full function.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design is where vague dreams take form. From a woodland feel to the ultra contemporary having a great design ensures we understand your vision. Developing a comprehensive plan can also allow you to “see” your landscape before it is complete. Additionally, a well thought out plan guarantees that the various components of your landscape compliment each other. A great design can also mitigate maintenance and water conservation challenges that are common to many Northwest landscapes. We are happy to work from a design provided to us or incorporate the design and budgeting process to ensure we can exceed your expectations not your budget.

Foundation Drains

Foundation Drains appropriately installed, combined with a waterproofing compound applied to the exposed concrete, form the single best defense against the damages caused by water intrusion in your crawlspace or basement. Constructed above building code requirements using the most advanced industry practices, Rain Pros can guarantee that water intrusion will stop without undermining the integrity of your foundation. In fact, where applicable Rain Pros can inject epoxy to bring back the structural integrity of any major cracks.

Sump Pumps and Channel Drains

Sump Pumps and Channel Drains can be the most cost effective way to protect your home. By diverting water with gravity to a central point and pumping it to an appropriate location, Rain Pros can lower the water table below the concrete slab in your basement or keep the water under the vapor barrier in your crawlspace.