Services We Offer in the Greater Seattle Area

Services We Offer in the Greater Seattle Area

Maintenance and Service Available for All Projects

Rest assured when working with Rain Pro’s that the water around your home is properly controlled. Our service department technicians have extensive knowledge in the industry. We are available to keep your drainage and sprinkler systems operating efficiently. Regardless if Rain Pros installed your residential system or not will be more than happy to review, repair or maintain your existing drainage system or lawn sprinkler.  Contact us to learn more!

Annual Maintenance for Sprinkler & Drains

Spring Start-Up: Our professionals come out and test your system. Typically over winter, we recommend winterization of your system. Therefore in spring, you need to recharge your system. Our professionals will go through each zone, cutting sod and removing bark from around sprinkler heads, checking for leaks or damage to the sprinkler system, adjusting coverage and the controller is operating and programmed properly to maximize efficiency. Dates to receive rebated pricing are Mar 1st thru Apr 15th.

Summer Tune-Up: Our professionals spend up to 40 minutes (2 techs for 20 minutes) testing and adjusting coverage to maximize efficiency. *Summer tune-ups are only available for clients that received a spring start-up. These quick visits are scheduled based on weather conditions, and a member of the Rain Pros team will reach out to eligible clients at the appropriate time of the year.

Winterization: We highly recommend your sprinkler system be winterized to protect your investment from potential damages as a result of freezing temperatures. Our professionals use a high-volume air compressor to blow out the sprinkler system to remove water from the lines in an effort to prevent freezing pipes. Dates run Oct 1st through Nov 15th to receive rebated pricing.

Drain Maintenance: Drainage maintenance in Seattle includes annual alternation of high pressure jetting and mechanical drain snaking. Every year hydro flushing for confirmation of flow and application of root inhibiting treatment. While the primary focus is on Rain Pros-built systems we will maintain all systems after a successful drain inspection has been completed. All drain maintenance are scheduled for the first work day following Thanksgiving and run through the end of the year.

Sprinkler Systems

Water management is critical to maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape. We pride ourselves on using the best industry standards in conjunction with manufacturer recommendations. Along with, providing you with cutting-edge Rain Pros sprinklers through our flawless sprinkler design and installation practices. We customize the sprinkler design to fit your priorities. In addition, all systems Rain Pros installs comes with a Wi-Fi weather predictive "smart" sprinkler controller with remote access technology. This modern technology will help minimize future maintenance expenses and provide you with greater security. Lastly, a well-maintained sprinkler system designed to conserve can reduce your water needs by up to forty percent. Unlike past inefficient designs, outdated equipment, or manual watering. Call us for sprinkler system services in Seattle today.

Drainage Services

You've already taken the necessary steps to protect your home by having a drainage system installed to overcome your storm/surface water challenges. The next step is to keep the pipes clean. The most common cause of drainage system failure is deferred system maintenance. It is recommended that all drainage systems around your home are inspected to ensure optimal efficiency, in addition to annual routine drain maintenance to remove any debris. 

French Drains

French Drains can effectively eliminate excessively soft soil or pooling groundwater around your landscape. Apart from this, another advantage of good landscape drainage is to limit the total amount of groundwater near your foundation or basement. Proper French Drains installation in Seattle by Rain Pros will keep you from experiencing any unsightly settling or “brown striping” on your lawn.

Foundation Drains

An appropriately installed foundation drain, combined with a waterproofing compound material applied to the exposed concrete, is the best defense against the damages caused by water intrusion in your crawlspace or basement. Constructed above building code requirements, using the most advanced industry practices, Rain Pros can guarantee that water intrusion will stop without undermining the integrity of your foundation. Where applicable, Rain Pros can inject epoxy to bring back the structural integrity of any major cracks. 

Downspout Drains

Downspout Drains are often the first place to look when addressing drainage problems. Undoubtedly disconnected, crushed, or blocked drains divert water into your yard but subsequently, it can divert and deposit at the base of your foundation. Rain Pros uses color drain cameras and snakes to view the inside of your existing drainage system to ensure it is working efficiently. If problems are evident, we can use our locating equipment to isolate the location of the problem. Thus, reducing the excavation necessary to bring the drain back to full function.

Sump Pumps and Channel Drains

Sump Pumps and Channel Drains can be the most cost-effective way to protect your home. Specifically, by diverting water with gravity to a central point and pumping it to an appropriate location. Rain Pros can lower the water table below the concrete slab in your basement or keep the water under the vapor barrier in your crawlspace.

Basement Waterproofing

Sometimes basements can leak following hard rains or periods of high humidity. When this happens, a damp basement can lead to mold problems and musty smells — not to mention the damage that is done to the existing carpet, walls, or storage items. 

To prevent wet basements from happening again, consider waterproofing yours. Find out more information on basement waterproofing services in Seattle from Rain Pros.

Crawl Space Waterproofing

Crawl spaces can be damp and dark — the perfect space for contaminants like mold and pests like rodents to thrive. These situations can compromise HVAC system integrity, air quality, and other home mechanical components. If left unresolved, the excess moisture can lead to uneven settling of the foundation or piers holding up the floor. To address these issues before they become serious — and to prevent them from happening again — waterproof your crawl space with Rain Pros.

Hardscaping Services

Hardscaping refers to the man-made elements of an outdoor space that serve decorative or practical purposes. Most landscape designs feature elements of hardscaping, which could be anything from stone walls to water fountains to walkways. These elements tend to complement the greenery, effectively boosting the home's curb appeal and value.

Hardscaping materials can also take on the form of patios or walkways, allowing you to create extra living space for outdoor fun. The walkways also make clear paths through the landscape for visitors to follow. These beautifully crafted features add extra dimensions to your space, and the design possibilities are endless.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design is where vague dreams take form. From a woodland feel to the ultra-contemporary feel whatever you desire, our consultants will create a great design to ensure we understand your vision. Also, developing a comprehensive plan can allow you to “see” your landscape before it is complete. Additionally, a well-thought-out plan guarantees that the various components of your landscape complement each other. Particularly, great design can also mitigate maintenance and water conservation challenges that are common to many Northwest landscapes. Lastly, we are happy to work from a design provided to us or incorporate the design and budgeting process to ensure we can exceed your expectations, not your budget. Contact Rain Pros for landscape design and landscape drainage in Seattle.