Sprinkler System Installations and Repairs in Puget Sound

Every lawn deserves personalized maintenance. It's one of the best ways to maintain and improve your property's curb appeal, and it contributes to your landscape's health and happiness. At Rain Pros, one of our goals is to provide every Puget Sound home with a stunning and functional lawn through our sprinkler and drainage system services.

How Are Sprinkler Systems Installed?

Some people avoid installing a lawn irrigation system due to the work they think they'll have to put into it. If this is you, Rain Pros has some good news — once you schedule an installation with us, you've completed the hardest part! We'll take care of the process while you go to work, spend time with your family or unwind in your house.

We'll start by surveying your yard and seeing what will be needed for proper coverage. Once we've mapped out our plan, we'll dig trenches to lay the irrigation pipes. Our clean-up process ensures a minimum of time before your landscape is back to looking its best.

We'll use the best water source to ensure reliable operation, and once we hook it up to our system, you'll be ready to transform your lawn! All our systems are Wi-Fi enabled to monitor the weather and adjust the settings daily to minimize waste and reduce costs. This feature also allows you to manage the system remotely and have maximum control over your yard.

Why You Need a Lawn Irrigation System

A modern sprinkler system from the experts at Rain Pros will enhance your lawn's:

  • Health: A modern lawn irrigation system can monitor how much water your yard needs and adjust accordingly. A healthier lawn means a better ecosystem and improved curb appeal.
  • Beauty: A healthy lawn is a beautiful one! By maintaining adequate water levels, you can have it all — a lush, green play space for your kids, a thriving garden, and a gorgeous entertainment space for friends and family. As the weather warms up and you get to see your lawn in action, you won't ever want to go inside.

Get Rain Pros to Set up Your In-Ground Sprinkler Systems

Whatever your landscape's size, Rain Pros is ready to take on the challenge. Our firsthand experience and comprehensive knowledge of sprinkler systems are second to none, and we're happy to prove that to you through our installation and repair services.

When you schedule work with our team, your estimator will meet the installation crew at your home to make introductions and ensure the system design reflects your input from the initial estimating visit. Our specialty equipment and skills keep us prepared for the unexpected, while our installation warranty lets you rest assured that if the unexpected happens in the future our staff of trained service techs can quickly respond. We strive to leave our customers with a fine-tuned sprinkler system that offers everything they need and more, and our results prove that we do.

Transform Your Lawn Today

Experience remote-controlled, Wi-Fi-enabled, weather-predictive technology in our superior in-ground sprinkler systems. When they aren't on, you won't even notice they're there. When they are, sit back and experience the beauty and efficiency of expertly installed lawn irrigation systems. Contact us today and start planning the perfect setup.