Residential Sprinkler Services in Puget Sound

A powerful, well-zoned sprinkler system is crucial to maintaining a beautiful lawn. At Rain Pros, we specialize in creating, installing, maintaining, and repairing sprinkler systems of all sizes. Explore our comprehensive residential sprinkler services and see why we're the only sprinkler experts you'll ever need.

Our Sprinkler Services

With Rain Pros on your side, your lawn will look better than ever. Our residential sprinkler services include:

  • Custom sprinkler design: Your sprinkler system should add to your lawn and landscape's beauty and individuality, and our design team will ensure that happens. We offer personalized sprinkler design to give you cutting-edge technology in a stunning package that fits your landscape, home appearance, and personal preference.
  • Sprinkler installation: A modern sprinkler system is smart, durable, and efficient, and that's what we provide in every one of our installations. All Rain Pros systems come with Wi-Fi-enabled controllers with weather-predictive watering technology to conserve water and minimize maintenance needs. Our expert team installs quickly so you can begin enjoying your new system as soon as possible.
  • Sprinkler repair services: When something goes wrong, we'll be there to fix it. Some of the most common sprinkler issues include sunken or clogged heads, cracked or broken pipes, and wiring or electronic issues, but we know how to handle it all. Our trained professionals can manage even the most uncommon circumstances.
  • Sprinkler maintenance: While we're happy to come to you for a one-time maintenance check, consider exploring our annual sprinkler services so your system stays in perfect working order year-round.

Annual Sprinkler Services

Perhaps our most popular sprinkler service is our annual maintenance plan. Your sprinkler needs likely change with the seasons, and we want to ensure that changes in the weather won't stop you from having the lawn and landscape of your dreams. Our annual sprinkler system repair includes:

  • Spring start-ups: If your system is properly winterized, it will need recharging once things start warming up again. Our start-up service includes checking your system after the wet winter season, looking for leaks or damage, removing debris from around sprinkler heads, and preparing the water lines for efficient summer usage.
  • Summer tune-ups: After your spring start-up, our tech members will come by once throughout the summer to ensure maximum sprinkler coverage and efficiency after all of your plants have done their springtime growing. We want your lawn and landscape to be successful, so we'll do everything we can to make your sprinkler system do its part.
  • Winterization: Freezing temperatures are important to consider when you have an outdoor water system. As water freezes and expands, it can damage pipes and lines. Before that can happen, we'll bring our high-volume air compressors to free your lines of excess water.

Why Choose Sprinkler Repair From Rain Pros?

At Rain Pros, we pride ourselves on being the irrigation specialists you can rely on for any of your sprinkler needs. Our professionals are experts at what they do, and we keep up with industry standards to give you peace of mind. Our technicians come prepared with fully stocked trucks and trailers to tackle any repairs or challenges that your system might have with high-quality service!

Quench Your Lawn's Thirst Today

You have enough to think about without maintaining your lawn's water levels. Let the experts at Rain Pros take care of the issue for you, learn more about our lawn sprinkler services today.