Channel Drain Installations in Washington State

Channel drains, or trench drains, are one of the many drainage solutions available at Rain Pros. This versatile drainage system is perfect for gardens, walkways, roads, golf courses, and practically any outdoor space prone to flooding. Since they're underground, channel drains are pretty unobstructed, offering a great solution for those places you want to highlight style and comfort above all else.

Why Should You Install a Channel Drain?

Channel drains offer a range of benefits, making them one of the most popular choices for homeowners and commercial venues alike. They are:

  • Long-lasting: Channel drains can last for decades so long as you keep up with the minimal maintenance they require.
  • Easy to maintain: Aside from keeping the drain free of debris buildup, there's little to do in the way of maintenance for your channel drain system. And with Rain Pros on hand to give your channel drain an inspection regularly, you can keep it mostly out of mind.
  • Customizable: Channel drains come in a range of materials and aesthetic options due to their versatility. Since they can be placed anywhere susceptible to flooding, they must be able to fit any location's style.
  • Environmentally friendly: Since channel drains offer adequate space for water to drain away, they can help prevent soil disruption or erosion. This is especially beneficial if you're a gardener or have pets, by reducing or eliminating standing water your plants and lawns are going to be healthier, and pets will come in cleaner.

How Does a Channel Drain Work?

Consider the gutter system attached to your roof. When it rains, it collects water runoff, directing it to your downspout and ultimately away from your home, where it can drain safely into a well or another water collection source. Channel drains work similarly, except they're underground, collecting water as it flows over them.

Since trench drains with grates or drain rock to the surface level are at ground level, they can be more susceptible to debris buildup. A more regular schedule of maintenance may be necessary then, and we are happy to help on any maintenance interval that fits your needs!

Why Should Rain Pros Install Your Channel Drain?

While a channel drain is an easy system to inspect and maintain yourself, a professional should always manage channel drain installation. And when it comes to professional installation, Rain Pros is Puget Sound's solution to any drainage and sprinkler concerns!

Since 2006, we've worked with homeowners in your neighborhood to install, inspect, repair and replace their channel drain systems. With every appointment, we improve our expertise, making every job we complete the best one yet. Our work does not sacrifice quality for affordability — with us, you can get the best of both worlds. Add on our comprehensive warranty with every installation, and it's clear why we're your choice for channel drain installation.

Schedule Your Channel Drain Inspection or Installation Today

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