Drain Inspection

Drain Inspection

A drain inspection is a systematic process of clearing blockages and evaluating drainage systems to ensure it is operating at its full potential. Performing a drain inspection aims to clear debris and roots from the system, identify the location of the system in the ground and prevent future problems. Using color endoscopic cameras, high pressure jetting, mechanical snakes, electronic locating equipment and dye we are able to locate the problem, excavate it if necessary and make the repairs often in a single visit. Don't pay plumber prices for storm water drainage solutions.

What is a Drain inspection? 

A Drain Inspection is thorough drainage service. Intended to locate the path of the drains and confirm it is in good working condition.  We will insert a traceable sonde into your drain and move the camera through the pipes electronically locating the path of the pipes, any impassable areas are addressed with mechanical snaking, high pressure jetting, or the use of locatable color camera revealing all imperfections within your pipes like breaks, blockages, debris, and buildup.  If the equipment can not clear the obstructions or if repairs are needed targeted excavation allows us to limit the damage to the landscape and the time needed bring the drain to full functionality. 

Why should I get a Drain Inspection? 

The most common cause of drainage problems is inadequate system maintenance. Therefore, it is crucial to have all drainage structures around your home inspected regularly and remove any debris. Tree roots, shrubs, dirt, and leaves can cause issues to water drains depending on weather conditions. Tree roots can grow inside water pipes which cause obstruction to water flow and pipeline damage. Furthermore, this may also lead to extensive and costly repairs or replacement 

How often should I have a Drain Inspection? 

Our recommendation is that after a thorough and complete drain inspection, a simple annual drain maintenance will be sufficient to ensure a very long life for your drainage system.  As we always say, we have never replaced a well-maintained drain. 

Why should I get a Drain Inspection by Rain Pros? 

The most common cause of drainage problems is inadequate system maintenance. It is crucial to have all drainage structures around your home inspected/serviced regularly. In the PNW, Tree and shrub roots, dust, dirt, needles and leaves can cause blockages. Tree roots can grow inside water pipes which will ultimately destroy the pipe requiring costly replacement.  Our annual email reminder always begins with the note: We have never replaced a well-maintained drain.

What if I don't have my Drains regularly inspected and maintained? 

All drains eventually fail and with that can cause significant damage to the house and yard.

Downspout & Foundation Drains unmaintained can cause damp or wet basements and crawl spaces invite insects, rodents and other pests into your home. Dampness also rots wood and promotes the growth of mold and mildew. Standing water can freeze and thaw, cracking and weakening the concrete and black top around your home. 

  • A new roof was installed, and debris goes down the drain system
  • Roof/Gutter cleaning recently, and often the debris clogs the drain
  • Aging tree roots can crush or uplift the pipes
  • Landscaping and fence projects can puncture/crack pipes allowing new entry points for roots and debris
  • Moles/other rodents take up residence in the summer months chewing holes and importing bedding
  • Earthquakes and/or local construction shake/move the ground can dislodge fittings