Choosing the Right Irrigation Controller: Factors to Consider 

Irrigation controllers operate your drip irrigation system, sprinkler and other automatic irrigation systems. They help you create a customized watering schedule that reflects weather conditions and meets your property’s needs, ensuring your lawn or garden gets the perfect amount of water all year round.

There are many irrigation controllers on the market, and the team at Rain Pros has found that Rachio and Hunter Pro-HC controllers are among the best smart sprinkler controllers. 

Let’s take a closer look at the factors you need to consider when buying an irrigation controller for your property. 

Watering Strategy

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for an irrigation controller is your watering strategy. You may want a sustainable system that helps you save water. You may also want a system that delivers the perfect watering strategy, whether you want to set up a custom watering schedule or have the controller water your lawn and garden based on the conditions. 

For sustainability, the Hunter Pro-HC is an excellent option. Designed for residential and light commercial use, this controller uses an algorithm to dynamically adjust watering times based on current weather conditions so that your plants will get the right amount of water. 

Rachio is another option. Rachio uses a depletion model, only watering once the desired algorithmic evapotranspiration is reached.

Home Automation Capabilities

Smart irrigation controllers integrate with smart home systems to give you more control over your sprinkler system from your virtual home assistant or mobile device. This can make it convenient to make changes to your water system.

If home automation is important to you, Rachio is the clear winner. It works seamlessly with popular systems like Alexa, making it easy to control your irrigation system from anywhere. The app lets you easily control your watering schedule and sprinkler, even when traveling. 

The Hunter Pro-HC also offers some home automation functionality, with Hydrawise™ web-based software that lets you control your system from any smart device or computer. Experts forecast the system will make software updates over time to make more automation features available in the future. 

Local Climate and Soil Conditions 

In Puget Sound and surrounding Northwest areas, the climate and soil require daily watering. The Pro-HC’s dynamic adjustments can help achieve this goal and respond to local conditions. It responds to temperature, wind, rainfall and humidity. Even amid unseasonable weather conditions, your irrigation system still provides the perfect amount of water. The Pro-HC effectively replicates the ideal spring conditions throughout the year, helping you achieve a lush lawn or garden. 

Rachio’s depletion model may not be the best fit for changing climate and soil conditions. The controller uses Weather Intelligence™ to ensure your sprinklers aren’t running when it’s raining and does update your watering schedule seasonally. However, Pro-HC tends to be better for Northwest climates specifically. 

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