7 Ways to Prevent Your Yard From Flooding

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you’re all too familiar with the effects of rain. Puddles, mud and minor floods take over your yard, resulting in messes.

Effective yard drainage strategies are the ticket to preventing backyard flooding. Here are some tips to mitigate issues across your property.

1. Plant a Rain Garden

If your property allows for it, create a shallow garden about 4 yards away from your home and septic tank. You can find the perfect location for a rain garden by watching where water flows during a rainstorm. Position the garden bed in line with downspouts and roof runoff — plants drink what they can, and topsoil absorbs the excess.

2. Clear out Gutter Debris

You need functional gutters to guide water away from your home’s foundation and promote effective yard drainage. Completing routine gutter maintenance keeps these connections clear and working properly. Make sure your gutters are free of leaves, twigs, nests and grime to eliminate blockages that otherwise leave standing water.

3. Plant Trees Around Your Home

Planting trees around your home in the Pacific Northwest can enhance draining capabilities and prevent your yard from flooding. Trees have complex root systems underground that demand water. If you get heavy precipitation frequently, add some trees to your landscape and help absorb rain.

River birch and red maple trees are excellent at surviving in wet soils.

4. Incorporate a Sump Pump

A sump pump can save you from messes indoors and outdoors. These devices sit within basements underneath windows to prevent your home and yard from flooding during a weather emergency. 

Once water fills to a certain point in an underground tank, the sump pump kicks on and sends water through a drainage pipe away from your home at the edge of the property line.

5. Make Mulch Beds

Mulch is useful for beautifying gardens, trees and walkways. Choose heavy mulch, such as wood chips, to soak up excess water. Note that finer mulches can be problematic for your yard, as thin materials wash away. 

Make the right choice by spreading thick mulch in locations a few feet from your foundation to prevent water from seeping inside.

6. Repurpose Your Home’s Driveway

Asphalt surfaces are non-absorbent. When your home features a large impermeable driveway, rainwater pools or travels in a less-than-ideal direction. Look out for your residential space in the Pacific Northwest by redoing your driveway with a drainage-friendly material.

Gravel driveways and pavers do an outstanding job of guiding runoff into the ground.

7. Schedule a Drain Inspection

Prepare for heavy rain and protect your home by getting a drain inspection from a professional. Finding weak spots across your existing setup can prevent water from flowing inside your home or flooding nearby landscapes. 

Relying on trusted experts to finish necessary drain repairs stops a flooding problem from happening in the first place. Schedule a drain inspection to catch signs of deterioration once per year to stay in the clear. This is a solid idea to gauge the condition of underground connections that otherwise go unseen.

Work With Rain Pros for Drainage Solutions

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