3 Reasons Your Lawn Is Muddy

muddy lawn

Walking out of your house into a wet, muddy lawn is not ideal. It is unappealing and slippery to walk on. You can feel especially defeated when you don’t know what causes the issue. 

You can get rid of the mud, but if you don’t fix the root cause behind your muddy lawn, it will likely happen again. Fortunately, there are ways to pinpoint the issue.

3 Reasons Why Your Backyard Could Be Muddy

When you experience heavy rains, it is natural for the water to cover your yard. Your lawn can sometimes take longer to dry after long periods of rainfall. However, there are times when standing water should be a cause for concern. Here are some possible reasons why you have a muddy backyard: 

1. Poor Drainage

One of the most common reasons why lawns get muddy is improper drainage. When your yard is covered in standing water from your downspouts and irrigation system, that signals your drainage could be the cause. 

It is essential to ensure your yard drainage system is operating at its full potential. Inadequate system maintenance contributes to the problem. Getting regular drain inspections will help ensure your system is in good condition and take care of any potential problems. 

2. Uneven Lawn 

A lawn that’s not leveled correctly may collect water faster than it can drain. Water that accumulates in your yard can cause structural damage to your house. It’s best to have your yard properly graded to ensure stormwater runs away from your home. 

Improper drainage can lead to dips, depressions and holes on your lawn that collect water. If this is the case, you will need a professional to look at possible issues in your system or install a new one

3. Overwatering 

If you notice that your lawn is collecting standing water when there hasn’t been a storm, you might have a problem with overwatering your yard because of your sprinkler system.

Track your watering schedule and reduce the times you water your lawn daily or weekly. Use the right amount of water for a suitable period of time, and ensure your sprinkler system is working correctly. Clogged or damaged sprinklers can cause uneven watering, which leads to overwatering. 

We Will Take Care of Your Lawn 

If you’re having issues with standing water on your lawn, Rain Pros can help you find the source of the problem and the solution. We offer professional drainage services to help ensure your system is running smoothly. Contact us today to request our services.

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